Närmandet mellan Iran och Gulfstaterna

För de som följer mellanöstern är det ganska intressant att läsa om hur närmandet mellan Iran och Gulfstaterna fortsätter. I motsättning till Israels och USAs önskan om att isolera Iran verkar gulfstaterna anpassa sig till en ny säkerhetspolitisk situation där Iran är den dominerande regionala stormakten.

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Abu Aardvark: GCC-Iran and Al-Jazeera Watch, continued

The GCC-Iran rapprochement appears to proceed apace, despite US efforts to tighten sanctions.  Yesterday Mahmoud Ahmedenejad had a well-publicized phone chat with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah about regional developments, and also found the time for his first-ever phone conversation with
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.   UK based Palestinian
scholar Khaled al-Hroub wrote an interesting piece the other day in the
UAE’s al-Ittihad outlying the good strategic rationale for the emergence of a ”Gulf-Iranian security order.”  In a piece which ran in both al-Ittihad and the Saudi al-Sharq al-Awsat, the Kuwaiti Saad bin Tufla al-Ajami wrote proudly a few days ago about his country’s decision
to send its Foreign Minister to Tehran after Bush’s visit, to
demonstrate that Kuwait and the Gulf will pursue their interests, which
might not be American interests.  Just some more data points in
support of the argument that the Gulf and other Arabs do not seem to be
where the US is, or would like them to be, on the Iran question these

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