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För de som läser engelska några ganska intressanta observationer om Obama från Howie Kurtz, Washington Posts media bevakare. Oftast brukar ju svenska journalister läsa de amerikanska när de ska bilda sig en uppfattning. Frågan blir förstås om den dåliga mediagranskingen och idealiserings av Obama kommer att svänga.

Notera vad Chris Mathews politisk kommentator på MSNBC sade förresten. Sedan när brister journalister i gråt för de blir så till sig över att höra en politiker prata.

”If you’re actually in a room with Barack Obama and you don’t cry when
he gives one of those speeches, you’re not an American. It’s

Team Obama Is Courting Everybody But the Press

Obama often goes days without taking questions from national
reporters, and when he does, the sessions can be slapdash affairs. In Nevada, for instance, correspondents were reduced to shouting queries at him during a photo op in the kitchen of the Mirage Hotel.
(Yesterday, perhaps in a better mood, he did chat with journalists on
his plane, now that his campaign has discontinued use of a second jet
to save money.)

Some reporters say Obama seems disdainful toward
journalists, having submitted to precisely one off-the-record chat over
beer several months ago in Iowa. To them, the absence of a senior
official traveling with the press is a sign of benign neglect.

primary reason, say those who have observed Obama most closely, is that
he’s never had to court the press, even in Illinois. Obama rocketed to
national prominence with his 2004 Democratic convention speech, had an
easy Senate election, and has gotten largely upbeat coverage from the
moment he got into the presidential contest. His tactics have sometimes
been criticized but not, by and large, his character.

The result: He has never had to learn press relations as a survival skill, not when he can just trot out Oprah Winfrey and ride the resulting wave.

covering Obama has its compensations, largely because the man puts on a
heck of a show. He draws big, noisy, mostly younger crowds that foster
the impression he is leading not a campaign but a movement.

In fact, some journalists say they have to guard against getting swept away by the excitement. NBC’s
Lee Cowan was candid about fighting such temptations, saying on the
network’s Web site: ”I think from the reporter’s point of view, it’s
almost hard to remain objective, because it’s infectious energy.”
Politico Editor in Chief John Harris said on CNN that when he was a Washington Post
editor a couple of years ago, ”you would send a reporter out with
Obama, and it was like they needed to go through detox when they came
back — ’Oh, he’s so impressive, he’s so charismatic,’ and we’re kind
of like, ’Down, boy.’ ”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews told Jay Leno:
”If you’re actually in a room with Barack Obama and you don’t cry when
he gives one of those speeches, you’re not an American. It’s

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