Golan förbereder sig på ett nästa krig

Noterade detta från bloggen War and Piece.

War and Piece

An American friend who travels on business to the region writes, ”Saw your posts and thought I would pass along some info I just received from my contacts in the Golan- they are preparing for another extended war. Local officials are telling them to stock their bomb shelters with 3 weeks of supplies at a minimum. They believe Hezbollah will attack around March 22 as the 40 day mourning period is over for Mughniyeh. Conventional wisdom there is that no amount of US firepower in the Med is going to deter Nasrallah from seeking revenge. We also discussed the possibility of the IDF having to operate a two front battle plan with the continued unrest in the South. I was in Bahrain two weeks ago and met with some colleagues who were just in Beirut. They report the situation in Lebanon is worsening by the day.”

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