Obama vill skicka mer NATO trupper till Afghanistan

Barack Obama: "We do need more support."

Artikeln talar för sig själv. Om nu någon trodde att krigen i Afghanistan eller Irak skulle sluta med President Bush.

Challenge to Europe: Obama Calls for Help from NATO Allies in Afghanistan – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

So far Obama hasn’t said much about America’s posture toward Europe,
but the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination set a
new tone on his campaign plane by telling reporters there had to be
more give and take between Washington and its NATO allies.

”I’ve been very clear that we do need more support from them,” he
said, referring to NATO countries with troops in Afghanistan. ”We also
may need to lift some of the constraints that they have placed on their
forces there.”

He didn’t name any countries. But Germany, Italy and Spain have been
under pressure from NATO and the administration of US President George W. Bush (more…) to devote more soldiers to risky missions in Afghanistan.

Berlin has sent a total of 3,310 troops to Afghanistan under two
separate missions. Germany’s smaller commitment, as part of the US-led
anti-terrorism campaign Operation Enduring Freedom, involves no more
than 100 special forces who work directly with US soldiers and see
front-line action. The rest of the troops are part of the NATO-led
International Security Assistance Force and are restricted from heavy
fighting by the German parliament. German voters are wary of war, and
the NATO mission comes up for review by parliament every year, which
makes the issue delicate for politicians.

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