Pride i Israel?

När nu Fredrik Federley hyllar Israel för dess HBT reformer kan det vara värt att påmina om den Israeliska verkligheten. Och vad t exI sraels chefs rabbiner hade att säga angående 2006 års pride. Få svenska Israel vänner tycks känna till att Israel är en stat där mycket av det civila sociala livet styrs av religösa auktoriteter. Alla med kopplingar till olika politiska partiet i knesset. Förvövrigt inte helt olikt vad ett antal religösa partier partier vill uppnå runt om i Arab-världen. Eller vad man redan uppnått i Iran. 7000 poliser för att genomföra en demonstration tyder inte i mina ögon på en större samhälls aceptanse
Israel’s Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar has formally written Pope Benedict XVI asking for help in stopping homosexual activists from staging a ”World Pride” parade in the holy city of Jerusalem.  Last year the coordinated efforts of Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious leaders successfully put off the gay pride event with homosexual activists claiming that they cancelled the event only because of the Gaza pull-out which was scheduled a few days prior to the event.

Once again Jewish, Muslim and Christian religious and even political leaders have put aside their differences and have come together to defend the city which they all revere against the weeklong event set to take place August 6-12.

Rabbi Amar’s letter to the Pope stated: ”We ask your Excellency to issue an emotional, strong, and unequivocal call against this horrible phenomenon, in the hope that the amalgamation of protests being voiced by religious leaders will awaken the lost hearts who are deceiving themselves and immeasurably harming their souls, and discourage the willful wrongdoer from cursing and corrupting humanity.”

I Tel Aviv reser man nu ett monument över de hundratusentals homosexuella som blev offer för nazismen. Pride arrangeras i Israel, flera av de stora hbt-reformerna blev verklighet i Israel innan de blev det i Sverige. Det kan vara värt att påminna sig om det när tonen blir allt mer aggressiv mot Israel i Sverige.

Det kan också vara värt att påminna om vad Chefs rabbin Meir Lau, en av många räddade från Buchenwald, och ledande i den religiösa zioniströrelsen hade att säga.

”I fail to understand the source of pride here. Why do they have to display their personal preferences in public?” On same sex unions, Lau said ”it pains me to see that an abnormal way of life is replacing the family unit.”

Yisrael Meir Lau – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Vilka representerar Israel. Liberala vänster krafter eller den ortodoxa konstervativa zioniströrelsen?

Hundreds of police forces deployed in residential areas of Jerusalem on Monday as demonstrations against the upcoming gay pride parade erupted in the city’s religious neighborhoods for a second week.
A taxi driver was lightly injured when his cab struck a trash receptacle rolled into the streets by ultra-Orthodox protesters. Police took over residential streets to force demonstrators to clear the roads and cease disturbances. Over the course of the evening, protests spilled over from the city’s ultra-Orthodox streets into more mixed areas.
Early Monday evening, officers blocked hundreds of demonstrators marching from Sabbath Square to Jaffa Street. Police also dispersed dozens of ultra-Orthodox protesters trying to block traffic on various streets in Rehavia.

Police also arrested a protester marching with hundreds of demonstrators in Beit Shemesh, outside of Jerusalem. Meanwhile, near the entrance to the central city of Hadera, ultra-Orthodox demonstrators torched tires and hurled them onto the highway in an attempt to block traffic. They ceased protests when instructed to do so by their rabbi. Dozens more protesters also demonstrated Monday at the Kfar Hasidim junction.
Israel’s chief rabbinate on Monday called Israel’s homosexuals the ”lowest of people,” and urged the public to assemble for a country-wide prayer rally later this week as marchers gather in Jerusalem for the gay pride parade.
The two chief rabbis called an emergency meeting where they harshly attacked the organizers of the parade, scheduled for Friday, and called the planned event a ”threatening plot.”
”We were horrified to hear of the threatening plot that an abominated minority of our brothers is planning, convening to carry out abominations that make them the lowest of people,” the rabbis wrote in a statement.

The Rabbinate is the halakhic authority for the state, and controls many aspects of life in the Jewish state. Issues under the jurisdiction of the Chief Rabbinate include Jewish marriages, Jewish divorce, Jewish burials, Kashrut and kosher certification, olim, supervision of Jewish holy sites, working with various mikvaot and yeshivot, and overseeing Israeli Rabbinical courts.

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