DNI – Den den amerikanska centrala underättelsetjänsten

För de flesta svenskar är fortfarande CIA symbolen för amerikansk underrättelsetjänst. Den verkliga centralpunkten sedan de stora underättelse omorganisationerna är dock något som heter DNI eller Director of National Intelligence Office. Det som finns kvar av CIA är det som kallades DO eller Directorate of Operations. Övriga funktioner och lednings ansvar har förts övet till DNI. CIA’s nya namn är natonal clandestine service som enbart hanterar spionerna. De s.k para-militära delarna har till stor del förts över till Ppentagon.

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) is the United States government official subject to the authority, direction and control of the President who is responsible under the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 for:

Alla nedanstående organisationer ska samordnas av DNI och Pentagon. Det är de som sammantaget brukar kallas den amerikansk IC eller Intelligence Community. Till det kommer de etablerade samarbete som finns i t ex UK med avlyssningsstationer och NCS samt Pentagons alla etablerade utlands baser.

Sic Semper Tyrannis 2008
In the process of creation of the Director of National Intelligence’s office, most of CIAs functions were taken away for redistribution either to other agencies or to the new DNI.

CIA was left with the function of heading what was subsequently referred to as the National Clandestine Service, in other words, they were left in charge of the field operations involved in recruiting and running foreign human espionage agents.

This was a much smaller role than the CIA had fulfilled in the past. Formerly, they had controlled the apparatus that doled out the general intelligence funds to the other agencies. They had also controlled the national estimative function in the production of national estimates, and many other functions as well.

In addition, certain functions that properly had nothing to do with the information functions of intelligence were redirected to the armed forces.

In response to this truncation of agency roles, CIA people fought back with an intensive campaign of mobilization of the agency’s friends in general and the media in particular. As a result it was predicted or implied in the media that the DNI structure would fail and that in the end CIA would rule once again in the intelligence community.

Yesterday’s announcement of further consolidation of power and authority in the hands of the DNI is evidence that function follows form and that once having been given a theoretical mandate, the DNI’s office has proceeded to gather actual power into its grasp. In other words CIA has failed to eliminate its rival. Having failed, the CIA will continue its ”descent” into the status of a service organization for the rest of the government rather than the alternative foreign policy establishment that it once thought it was.

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