USA fängslade iraker i stående likkistor

Tydligen har den amerikansk militären i sina fängelser i Irak använt sig av isoleringsceller byggda i trä en meter breda och två meter höga. Vad är standard storleken på lik kistor i Sverige. Medeltemperaturen i och runt Baghdad ska visst vara 43c på sommaren.

MotherJones Blog: U.S. Places Violent Iraqi Prisoners In Standing Coffins

The United States. Not China. Not Zimbabwe.

The U.S. military is segregating violent Iraqi prisoners in wooden
crates that in some cases are not much bigger than the prisoners.

The military released three grainy black-and-white photos of what it
calls the “segregation boxes” used in Iraq. They show the rudimentary
structures of wood and mesh. Some of the boxes are as small as 3 feet
by 3 feet by 6 feet tall, according to military officials. They did not
release a picture of a box that size.

The military said the
boxes are humane and are checked every 15 minutes. It said detainees,
who stand in the boxes, are isolated for no more than 12 hours at a

Here’s how the story was uncovered. You can see the photos at the link — they’re like something out of the Great Escape.

[exclusive] “Prisoner Boxes” in Iraq

>> In Iraq, some prisoners/detainees are kept in wooden crates known as “prisoner boxes,” so I filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the US Central Command asking for the following:

“Vanity Fair (Feb 2005 issue) has reported the existence of wood “prisoner boxes” being used by the US military in facilities in and around Baghdad. They are used to hold individual prisoners and detainees.

“I hereby request all photographs of these boxes, including empty boxes as well as boxes holding prisoners and detainees.”

Around nine and a half months later, CentCom responded by sending the three photographs on this page.

You are seeing the photos exactly as they were sent to me – as black and white printouts on standard printer paper, with creases from being folded into thirds. Two of the photos are extremely blurry and pixelated.

Considering that the average summer temperature in Baghdad is 111 F, and that temps can easily go above 120 F [source], it’s hard to imagine what it’s like to be inside these boxes.

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